15 November 2011

Still warm and sunny in mid-November

Date: Monday 14 November 2011
Location: Palm Shores, FL (28.190533,-80.655813)

Driving from Melbourne to Merritt Island yesterday, I pulled the car over at a sign that says, "Welcome to the Town of Palm Shores - The Little Town that Cares." I never even knew there was a town of Palm Shores! Turns out that 900 people live in it, and it's in a small area along US-1 between the Eau Gallie and Pineda causeways. Here's an HDR photo I made from three photographs of a pier that extends into the Indian River Lagoon.

I did it in HDR because even though there weren't any particularly bright versus dark areas, I wasn't able to capture both boardwalk and shore details in a single photo, which I thought failed to show how surprisingly serene this unexpected, cozy place off the highway was. Also, I had just (ten minutes earlier) bought my first tripod and really wanted an excuse to test it out!

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