15 November 2011

Still warm and sunny in mid-November

Date: Monday 14 November 2011
Location: Palm Shores, FL (28.190533,-80.655813)

Driving from Melbourne to Merritt Island yesterday, I pulled the car over at a sign that says, "Welcome to the Town of Palm Shores - The Little Town that Cares." I never even knew there was a town of Palm Shores! Turns out that 900 people live in it, and it's in a small area along US-1 between the Eau Gallie and Pineda causeways. Here's an HDR photo I made from three photographs of a pier that extends into the Indian River Lagoon.

I did it in HDR because even though there weren't any particularly bright versus dark areas, I wasn't able to capture both boardwalk and shore details in a single photo, which I thought failed to show how surprisingly serene this unexpected, cozy place off the highway was. Also, I had just (ten minutes earlier) bought my first tripod and really wanted an excuse to test it out!

09 November 2011

Portfolio update

I updated my portfolio. It lives on SmugMug at Viewing Tower Photography, and if you're on Flickr, the set is at Viewing Tower. Here's a preview:

07 October 2011

After-dark Dance Party

Date: 8:28 PM 04 October 2011
Location: South Park, PA

On their last night in Pittsburgh before they had to fly back to California, my brother and his fiance threw the kids an after-dark dance party in our other brother's living room.

Here's Kim on the left, Corey in the middle, and Monica on the right:

Maybe you can better spot them here:

Still not clear? Here's one with the camera flash turned on and the shutter sped up:

Series title: After-dark Dance Party

Game Time

Date: 9:05 PM Monday 03 October 2011
Location: South Park, PA

My father and all his rowdy friends (two of my brothers) watch the NFL game on Monday night. They - were - ready - for - some - football!

TB Bucs defeated Indy Colts 24-17, in case you missed it.

Title: Game Time

04 October 2011

The Ring

Date: 2:46 PM Saturday 01 October 2011
Location: Newark, DE

Not a lot of new Snpd photos this week-- still on vacation. But for everyone who was at the Delaware wedding over the weekend, I probably caught a picture or two of you. Check 'em out on my photo album: ViewingTower. The gallery is public, no password required. Enjoy browsing, and thanks for a great weekend everyone!

Title: The Ring

29 September 2011

A Day on the Golf Course

Date: 1:06 PM Monday 26 September 2011
Location: Charlotte, N.C.

My father and I spent the morning on the links with his longtime friend-- since their Peace Corps days in Malaysia, 1960s.

Our combined ball count: lost one into the water on a 140-yard par 3 (I have no defense; poor club choice); found three in the thick rough; and temporarily lost, forgot, then found one in the little picker-upper my dad attached to the top of his putter for lifting balls out of the hole.

Total: +2 on golf balls! Total scores: let's not say.

Title: A Day on the Golf Course

28 September 2011


Date: 8:36 PM Tuesday 30 August 2011
Location: Merritt Island, FL

It's food. Up close. It always looks good.

Diced (not blended, you culinary brutes!) and layered Haas avocado, plum tomato, and vidalia onion sprinkled with ground black peppercorn. Real food. No microwaving required.

To your health!

Title: Guacamole!